Let US Be Your BANKERS While Making The BOOKIES Your A.T.M Money Dispenser.

  • Good day to ALL Members of Prediction-Kings. Our greetings extend also to all those who are yet to become members of Prediction-Kings. 





While Making The BOOKIES

Your A.T.M Money Dispenser. 


This we call Prediction-Kings Investment.



How this works ?

100 individuals are expected to invest the sum of $32.   Investment for Participation has been increased to $64. 

The investment of $64 is to be sent to the Prediction-Kings Agent in your Country or any of Our Authorized account.

The investment of $64 is Mandated to be sent before 12.p.m, July 30, 2017.

The total investments received from ALL 100 individuals will equate to $6,400.

Prediction-Kings will be raising the investment of $6,400 to $64,000 within 6 – 8 weeks

Every Member who participated in this investment scheme would be getting back a RETURNS of $576. ( An Assured profit of $512 )

As a participating investor, you will be credited the Returns on Your Investment upon completion of the investment period and on your request of withdrawal from Prediction-Kings through the payment receiving details provided to us by you.


To participate in the Prediction-Kings’ Investment plan;


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